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Japan Battery Energy Storage

Optimal Power Solutions has recently delivered a new battery energy storage system in Japan as of January 2017. The initiative for this project is to utilise renewable and advanced energy storage technologies for high-power frequency regulation and load shifting at the site.

This project employs a modular power solution developed by Optimal Power Solutions with a system architecture comprised of 1MW of power control inverters, a lead carbon battery and 3MWp of solar photovoltaics. The lead carbon battery has a superior charge and discharge rate compared to other battery technologies enabling high penetration of solar PV. The solar array charges the lead carbon batteries during sunlight hours then exports the energy into the grid to meet the peak loads during evenings.

Japan is progressing ahead with various energy technology initiatives in order to advance as a global leader of the energy storage sector. Battery and energy technologies are predicted to play a major role beyond 2020 where renewable penetration is expected to be very high and form a major component of the overall energy mix.

Battery Modular Power Solution Parallel Modular Solution

Battery Lead Carbon System Battery and Inverter Installation

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Optimal Power Solutions in collaboration with University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) for 10 MW Distributed Solar System

Optimal Power Solutions with Applied Energy Solutions Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) for the development of a 10 megawatt solar farm at UTM’s Johor Bahru campus.

The project will involve engineering, procurement and construction across various iconic structures at the campus. This is a pilot project and the first solar farm of it’s kind at a University campus in Malaysia. The main objectives are to encourage utilisation of efficient, sustainable and renewable energy technology for commercial, educational and research purposes as well as being an innovative means for UTM’s income generation by way of power production.

This project is part of of the Large Scale Solar (LSS) programme of the Energy Commission (EC) Malaysia which allocates funding for 42 Megawatt, with the first phase of UTM’s solar project qualifying for 10 MW. The solar power is expected to provide for 1,500 homes.

The roll out of solar PV at the campus will include innovative shaded parking areas. The collaborative nature of the project is expected to enhance skills and technology of the university acting as a catalyst for sustainable r&d into solar energy systems for Malaysia. The project will commence in early 2017.



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OPS provides power conversion and system control for advanced microgrid in UAE


The OPS Group is pleased to announce the successful commissioning of its latest renewable power project, situated at an off-grid industrial facility in the United Arab Emirates.

This project involved the integration of renewable energy and advanced batteries into the existing diesel power plant. The primary design objective of this system is to improve financial outcomes for the industrial facility, through a reduction in operating expenditures and lifecycle energy costs.

OPS integrated its advanced microgrid technologies, including parallel PIM power conditioners, MPPT chargers, and Prescient U10 microgrid controllers, with 300 kWp of solar generation, a 614 kWh lithium-ion energy storage system, and  two 500 kVA diesel generators. These gensets are now playing a backup role, with the facilities’ energy requirements predominantly supplied by renewable energy generation.

Microgrids exemplify the future of power in their application of advanced materials, software, and engineering. Due to the declining cost and improved performance of energy storage, microgrids are now capable of delivering utility grade power at lower lifecycle costs than competing options such as diesel, and without harmful environmental impacts. Recognised as a leader in microgrid controls, Optimal Power Solutions is proud to be at the forefront of this paradigm shift in power generation.



Download a case study for the UAE Microgrid system below. For additional information, please contact Optimal Power Solutions.

160309R4 Project Flyer UAE

Project Flyer – UAE Microgrid System

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OPS delivers advanced Solar Hybrid System to Island Resort in Mozambique

Medjumbe island

Optimal Power Synergy (OPS India), along with Optimal Power Solutions (OPS),  are pleased to announce the commissioning of its latest solar hybrid power project.

Located at a picturesque island resort in Mozambique, the power plant is designed to enhance the resort experience and protect the stunning local environment by significantly reducing air and noise pollution associated with existing diesel generators.  OPS delivered a power electronics and control solution able to achieve 24 hour renewable power, through very high solar penetration and renewable energy contributions into the existing diesel grid.

The hybrid plant features 275 kWp of solar PV and 720 kWh of energy storage, dispatched and optimised by Optimal Power’s power electronics solutions including Parallel-PIM inverters, high-power MPPT chargers, and the Prescient U10 micro-grid controller platform. System functionality includes fully automatic operation, high penetration solar,  dispatch optimisation, and seamless switchover between sources. Remote support services continually monitor and optimise the power plant over the internet.


Download a case study for the Mozambique SHS below. For additional information, please contact Optimal Power Solutions.

Project Flyer – Mozambique SHS


DSC02486 DSC02011


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Optimal Power Solutions recognised as Market Leader in the field of renewable energy, power control technology and integration of micro grids.

Results were published in August 2015 by Navigant Research, one of the key research programs with a focus on new technology and business models that are driving innovation in the clean energy sector and shaping the future of electrical grid networks.

Navigant considers OPS as one of the top three companies in the micro grid space, with our success underlined by a robust project portfolio, highly functional micro-grid controllers and our approach to optimisation of micro grids.

In the past twelve months, OPS have been busy developing a new range of high-capacity, parallel Power Inverter Modules, namely the OPS PRISM system, which provides even greater power stability for critical mission projects. These products have been deployed in various projects including energy-intensive, commercial facilities in Japan, now operating as “smart factories” and maritime defense operations at remote coastlines. We are currently undertaking system upgrades for pre-existing OPS systems to the new parallel power platform, enabling greater optimisation of renewable sources with advanced control features, resulting in reduced operational costs for our valued clients.

OPS is also continuing with R&D for the control and integration of newly-commercialised or prototype advanced battery technologies through collaboration with our technical partners and universities. This R&D allows OPS to develop state-of-the-art power control technology and products, in line with the latest energy storage device specifications, as well as develop control algorithms and strategies that enable the highest penetration of solar PV whilst optimising the total system. High penetration solar PV micro grids provide the greatest contribution of renewable energy sources and enable zero or very low diesel-fuel operation, resulting in best case levelised cost of electricity generation.

For more information on this new exciting report, visit Business Wire or click on the image below to go to the Navigant Research site.

Navigant Report Market Leaders Micro Grids

Image Source – Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Microgrid Controls, Aug 2015

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Newly Commissioned 100kWp Solar Rooftop, South India

Optimal Power Solutions India together with the OPS Group have completed a new 100kW rooftop system for an institutional facility in South India, Karnataka.

OPS India provided a complete turnkey system, delivering the system within a short time frame of only six weeks. The solution included power conversion design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning. A customised SCADA provides the client with the means to monitor, evaluate and operate their new renewable energy system both onsite and remotely.

The system incorporates a 100kWp solar PV rooftop array with two OPS GEC-50 Grid Export Conditioner inverters.

Grid Export with rooftop 100kWp Solar Project

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Nagoya Japan Solar PV and Energy Storage System

Optimal Power Solutions is pleased to have completed Utility compliance tests and grid connection of a 200kW PV power plant with energy storage for long duration export. The site is at Nagoya Japan and utilises a land fill waste disposal site for additional land utilisation. The complete system “floats” above ground as no penetration of the top surface is permitted.

The System operates in parallel with a nearby 500KW standard grid connect system and utilises the same grid connection substation for best equipment utilisation at site. No importing of grid power is permitted and strict operational criteria is applied by the utility. This system is one of a number similar system planned for market uptake in Japan.

overall site 2

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OPS commissions a new PV micro-grids for Indian Coast Guard.

OPS together with Optimal Power Synergy India have completed a new solar PV, micro-grid system in the Andaman Islands. OPS India are currently providing a number of these renewable energy systems to remote Coast Guard sites.

The connected power sources include 75kWp of solar PV, a 240V, 2400Ah battery bank and 2 diesel generator sets rated to 30kVA each. OPS India have supplied two proprietary technology parallel inverter modules rated at 20kVA each, with a Station Control Module and other balance of system, power electronic components.
The Station Control Module employs specialised control software and will take suitable actions, based on inbuilt intelligence, to ensure reliable and optimum operation of the hybrid power plant. The Station Controller also provides remote monitoring of various system parameters such as battery status, loads, diesel genset operation. Other balance of system hardware was designed and built to suit the project requirements, including an AC Switching Cabinet and DC Distribtion Board and Combiner boxes.

This micro-grid system provides excellent power reliability and redundancy as well as significant diesel fuel savings.

Please visit our Coast Guard Andaman Islands gallery here to view more project photos. A selection of photos below show the site Coast Guard facilities and operations and the power equipment supplied by OPS India.





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OPS delivering 500 kW Mini Grid in Caribbean

Site works are progressing at the 500kW PV powered Mini grid at Bock Cay in the Caribbean. The complete installation of all components is reaching completion and the site will undergo testing and commissioning in September.

Attached are several site photo’s showing the works and stage of completion. OPS is looking forward to bringing the plant on line and having the island users enjoy clean silent power as well as making very large savings on fuel costs.


Bock Cay Solar Array Bock Cay Solar Field Solar-Array-front Solar Combiner Boxes by OPS Power Control Room

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OPS Implements Innovative Micro Grid System for Coast Guard, India

Optimal Power Solutions India have recently implemented a solar PV, micro grid system for the Indian Coast Guard. The Micro Grid power system shown is one of several installations that provide reliable, 24 hour power to Coast Guard facilities around the coastline. The system configuration includes parallel power conditioners which offer high power and dual redundant capability. System components include a solar PV array of 75kWp and an energy storage  of 575kWh which ensures the operations run seamlessly around the clock.

The Micro Grid at this site is focussed on parallel power conditioning units rated at 30kVA each. In addition, the system has the capability to manage two diesel generators as back up sources. The power conversion and system control was carefully designed for ease of use and fast serviceability.Remote monitoring and control has been implemented by OPS to meet the requirements of the dual redundant, parallel power conversion systems.

Parallel power conversion systems are becoming more attractive with high merit around power reliability, redundancy, expandability and maintenance. OPS have rolled out a number of  parallel power conversion systems ranging from 20kW to 100kW over the last year. Currently OPS are implementing  larger mini grids including 400kW parallel power conversion systems. OPS is well positioned to offer the Mini-grid market segment power conversion systems at the megawatt scale.

Further information on this Coast Guard project is available in the following presentation.


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