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OPS provides power conversion and system control for advanced microgrid in UAE


The OPS Group is pleased to announce the successful commissioning of its latest renewable power project, situated at an off-grid industrial facility in the United Arab Emirates.

This project involved the integration of renewable energy and advanced batteries into the existing diesel power plant. The primary design objective of this system is to improve financial outcomes for the industrial facility, through a reduction in operating expenditures and lifecycle energy costs.

OPS integrated its advanced microgrid technologies, including parallel PIM power conditioners, MPPT chargers, and Prescient U10 microgrid controllers, with 300 kWp of solar generation, a 614 kWh lithium-ion energy storage system, and  two 500 kVA diesel generators. These gensets are now playing a backup role, with the facilities’ energy requirements predominantly supplied by renewable energy generation.

Microgrids exemplify the future of power in their application of advanced materials, software, and engineering. Due to the declining cost and improved performance of energy storage, microgrids are now capable of delivering utility grade power at lower lifecycle costs than competing options such as diesel, and without harmful environmental impacts. Recognised as a leader in microgrid controls, Optimal Power Solutions is proud to be at the forefront of this paradigm shift in power generation.



Download a case study for the UAE Microgrid system below. For additional information, please contact Optimal Power Solutions.

160309R4 Project Flyer UAE

Project Flyer – UAE Microgrid System