We aspire to be at the forefront of renewable energy, mini-grid and advanced storage applications.

The Australian founders of the Optimal Power Solutions group began work on the company's core technology concepts in the 1980s. The direction of our team research has been towards validating the role of renewable energy in the 21st Century. The group has been consistently recognised as a highly innovative technology developer of power and communication technologies for industrial, renewable and distributed power applications.

The Optimal Power Solutions (OPS) group operates globally with subsidiaries in Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa. Independently owned and managed, OPS designs, develops and implements high penetration mini grid renewable energy power systems with advanced power electronic converters.

Distributed Energy System Specialists

We offer a range of technical and commercial solutions for both remote area and grid connected applications. In developing countries grid connected systems can supplement the grid, improve power reliability and quality. Remote mini grids and clusters can be optimised with "fit for purpose" renewable energy control systems.

Commitment to Research and Development

OPS continues to develop proprietary technology that provides the optimization of multiple renewable energy sources such that that systems have a high performance in energy efficiency and reliability.


Our company is a progressive, forward-looking organization that always strives to deliver the best possible value proposition to clients.

Balanced Scorecard Approach

OPS has evolved internal policies in regard to business development and places a high priority on satisfying the key partners of the company.

We utilize the “Balanced Scorecard” corporate business model focusing on bringing value to:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Our People
  • Shareholders and Bankers
  • The Environment