Grid Connect Projects

Larger Grid connect projects can be routinely engineered by OPS to achieve maximum uptime and highest performance ratios (kWh / kWp). All aspects of the system are given full attention including site mechanical design to suit ambient conditions as well as special attention to marine or harsh desert environments.

OPS has developed inter array wiring techniques to ensure maximum energy delivery and least effects from shading. Substation design including all protection systems are provided as needed to complete safe and reliable energy export to the grid.

To date OPS has complete a number of 2 MW to 45 MW designs and installation contracts.

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Project Highlight

KPCL 3 MW Solar Farm, Mandya

Solar Farm system delivered in 2010.Download the Mandya KPCL Flyer

System Topology Solar Farm Inverter Technology OPS GEC
Rated Total Power 3 MW Inverter Capacity 12 x 250 kVA GEC
Solar PV Capacity 3000 kWp Storage Capacity N.A.