Grid Support Conditioner

A unique grid-connected photovoltaic solution with backup energy storage.

The Grid Support Conditioner (GSC) is an adaptive power conditioner for grid systems which have unreliable utility supply or where differential utility tariffs apply. It is available in single or three phase models from 10 kVA to 250 kVA.

The GSC operates to supply a well conditioned voltage to a local load. It synchronizes with the utility AC source to enable grid feeding of solar power, and uses sophisticated algorithms to manage energy storage devices. Lead Acid and Lithium Ion storage options are available as standard features. The OPS GSC can also include a standby diesel generator if power supply cannot be maintained by the utility or renewable component.

In charging mode the system utilizes highly advanced algorithms to manage energy storage devices in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. This optimization supports low-LCOE design parameters through maximising the useful lifetimes of battery banks and other system components.


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