Grid Connect Projects

A new trend in renewable systems is the drive towards energy storage in the grid, This can meet grid needs in small systems such as micro or mini grids or also address utility problems in larger grid systems. These problems can be short term stability or grid problems around frequency regulation (ancillary services). It can address high penetration renewable problems such as intermittency or cloud effects. There is also a trend towards power smoothing and load profile shaping where storage can move load durations from one part of the day to another.

OPS is evaluating a number of battery technologies in Australia and seeking to determine the best fit for these technologies. Energy from the grid connected remote units can be used to reduce the load on the Feeder at any time during sunny hours. Also distributed energy units may include small scale storage. In the event of any cloud effect and related event where a drop in instantaneous PV output occurs, the Main Power Conversion unit can instantly schedule the export of more solar/battery energy to keep the loading of the grid at a required level.

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Project Highlights

Distributed Generation Mini Grid, Chief Minister Complex, Bihar

Distributed Generation Mini Grid system delivered in 2013.

System Topology Grid Storage Mini Grid Inverter Technology OPS GSC
Rated Total Power 125 kW Inverter Capacity 5 x 25kVa OPS GSC
Solar PV Capacity 5 x 20 kWp Storage Capacity 420 kWh
Control OPS DSP SCADA OPS Connect MG


Solar Power in Kerala Prisons Initiative

Grid Support Systems delivered in 2012/2013.

System Topology PV Grid Storage Inverter Technology OPS GSC
Rated Total Power varies Inverter Capacity 34 x OPS GSC
(10 kVa to 60kVa)
Solar PV Capacity varies Storage Capacity varies