Macro Hybrid Mini Grid Projects

The existing hybrid or mini grid systems are complex systems using diverse energy sources with quite different operating characteristics and cost models.

The OPS Mini Grid System integrates the output of various power systems, both renewable and non renewable energy within the local Feeder / Distribution lines. This also includes controllable loads such as pumping or refrigeration that can be turned to reduce peak loading.

Traditionally the majority load supply is provided from a Diesel Genset Power Station. This can be configured in a MW scale system to have up to 8 diesel gensets (but typically 3 or 4) that can be operated to provide reliable power and also good fuel efficiency in conjunction with minimising the service costs. The OPS control system also provides equalization of the genset run hours.

With the lower cost of solar PV there is an economic case to greatly increase the use of renewables and reduce the baseline operation of the diesel gensets. This also increases the use of storage and adds demands to the management of the storage system.

Energy from the hybrid converters can be used to provide a number of benefits, if economic, such as peak shaving, meeting the load in lower load hours, charge the battery bank and also supplement the loads on the main Feeder lines. It can also be utilised to stabilize the voltage and frequency of the connected Feeder / Distribution lines using short term energy from the battery bank.

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Project Highlights

Nuie Li Ion Battery PV Mini Grid

Island-based system delivered in 2013.

System Topology OPS Macro Hybrid Inverter Technology OPS GSC
Rated Total Power 2.6 MW Inverter Capacity 500 kVA GSC
Solar PV Capacity 480 kWp Storage Capacity 200 kWh Lithium Ion
Diesel Engines Control & Monitoring Engineered by OPS


Morotai Island Minigrid

Island-based system delivered in 2012. Download the Morotai Island Flyer

System Topology OPS Macro Hybrid Inverter Technology OPS PIM and GEC
Rated Total Power 3 MW Inverter Capacity 3 x 250 kVA GEC
2 x 300 kVA PIM
Solar PV Capacity 600 kWp Storage Capacity 2.7 MWh
Diesel Engines 7 nos, total 1.75 MW Control & Monitoring Engineered by OPS


Over Yonder Cay Minigrid

Island-based system delivered in 2011. Download the Over Yonder Cay Flyer

System Topology OPS Macro Hybrid Inverter Technology OPS HPC with MPPT
Rated Total Power 1.6 MW Inverter Capacity 2 x 300 kVA HPC
Solar PV Capacity 410 kWp Storage Capacity 4.15 MWh
Wind Turbines 3 x 100kW Control & Monitoring Engineered by OPS