Off Grid Projects

A key strength of OPS has been the long term development of small power remote power supplies or Micro Grids. These use the Hybrid Power Conditioner (HPC) as the centrepiece and it manages and controls up to two (2) diesel engines, solar PV and wind as well as a energy storage unit.

This is typically a Lead Acid battery but new technologies are appearing to replace these systems. These Hybrid systems, perhaps called a "Milli Grid" is often used for systems from 20kW to 100kW. The Power conditioners can operate in parallel and provide redundancy and greater efficiency.

The HPC has a inbuilt SCADA system for easy access to data as well as the ability to upload new system information.

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Project Highlight

Pulau Kelang, Indonesia

Island-based system delivered in 2012. Download the Kelang Flyer

System Topology Solar PV Hybrid Inverter Technology OPS HPC with MPPT
Rated Total Power 100 kW Inverter Capacity 2 x 75 kVA HPC
Solar PV Capacity 100 kWp Storage Capacity 240V, 1000 Ah
Wind Turbines Control & Monitoring OPS DSP & SCADA