Power Electronics

OPS maintains an ongoing R&D effort in the development of DSP based power electronics and power conditioning systems. This includes the latest power semiconductors, magnetics, control processors and operating algorithms. OPS has been exploring planar transformers, Gallium Nitrate power switches, super capacitors and advanced storage such as Lithium Ion batteries.

Some of the new developments and main features incorporated on the OPS DSP control system are described below.

Space Vector techniques gives full use of the DC voltage ceiling and lowers the DC currents. This gives lower cost of complete power stage and magnetics. Control is approximately 10 times more accurate than conventional PWM methodologies. Our systems use a multi layer DSP control with 12 bit analog sampling. This produces high accuracy and subsequent smoothness of power flows.

Unique OPS current sensing gives 100% AC and DC overcurrent protection for the semi conductor power stages. This completely avoids DC saturation of the transformer under sudden phase reversals following loss of synchronisation. Overcurrent protection can now be set to precise levels near the maximum rating. Control monitoring of all individual heatsinks, cabinet and transformer temperatures is available. An intuitive and predictive control action is implemented rather than “on off” shut downs.

The on board SCADA gives high volume event and data log capabilities ( > 24 months) giving substantial system monitoring and analysis facilities. Flash card is also available. The system also provides dedicated ports for full GSM and satellite modem capability (using handshake lines) including WiFi system accessibility

OPS uses a proprietary laminated power stage for high performance power management. This reduces EMI and ripple currents typically found in conventional power stages.