Project Design

Expert project design that ensures multi-faceted system advantages.

OPS Australia and the international OPS Group have extensive expertise in the area of renewable energy project design. Our design services are well-suited for minigrid, off grid, and grid connected power systems up to the multi megawatt scale. Clients benefit from innovative technical solutions developed specifically for large-scale photovoltaic and minigrid projects.

Our commitment is to provide you the best in product selection in combination with well-chosen, simple and reliable system design. From conceptualisation to implementation, our processes carry the attitude that simplicity achieves the best results.

Using advanced computer modeling the project can be assessed for annual energy production, optimum configuration of the project elements and use of back up sources such as advanced battery storage or standby diesel generator set if applicable.

The use of different solar technologies such as thin film or crystalline PV can have a significant effect on the total system performance. OPS can work hand in hand through all the project design issues to ensure a long lasting and cost effective solar power system.

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