Innovation is a key aspect of our culture at OPS.

Innovation is a key aspect of the enterprise culture at Optimal Power Solutions. Research of a tactical nature is undertaken, especially in power electronics and novel software control. Each of the subsidiaries undertakes short term development work while the Australian parent sets medium to longer targets for new products and applications.

This work includes the design of new power converters, reviewing advanced power semiconductors and magnetics. We are actively implementing new storage approachs such as Li Ion and other new technologies.

OPS also constantly reviews the state of the art circuit topologies with a view to making commercial applications. Finally the group continues to seek cost reductions in its systems, design processes and procurement to bring advantage to our customer group.

Beyond product development, OPS conducts research across three broad areas:

  • Advanced power conditioning for renewable energy power conversion.
  • Mini-grid control systems and optimisation for distributed power applications.
  • Development of renewable systems with advanced technology storage options such as Lithium Ion batteries.