Integrated Renewable Energy Project Development

Optimal Power Solutions brings rich renewable systems experience and a solid understanding of appropriate design criteria for successful projects. 

Assessed as a top three global Microgrid developer by leading industry research firms*, Optimal Power Solutions is recognised for its robust project portfolios, highly functional microgrid controllers, and sustainable and innovative ways to market their solutions.

*Navigant Research Inc (USA) Annual Industry Survey 2016, 2019


Extensive Track Record in Project Development

In Country Alliances with Invested Partners

International Collaborators with Institutional Networks

Expertise in System Configuration and Performance Optimisation

Proprietary System Control and Power Conversion Technologies

Energy Storage Evaluation Programmes


Optimal Power Solutions has provided renewable energy project services to leading organisations around the world, including power utilities, military agencies, and corporations.

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Creating Projects

We develop projects in target markets, ranging from South-East Asia, India, Japan to the US, Australia, and Africa.

Our Solutions


There is a strong trend towards MicroGrid solutions for both urban and remote area applications. This requires careful management and optimization of the diverse system components such as solid state photovoltaics, mechanical diesel engines and electrochemical batteries.


The Optimal Power Solutions group has extensive experience in large-scale solar project development, covering system design, power conversion, utility substation and SCADA. This includes major projects in India, Malaysia, and other locations. 

Energy Storage

Optimal Power Solutions has evaluated many energy storage options for over a decade including operating a battery test programme at an Australian University. There are now many options for new and varied energy and power relevant solutions relevant to various client groups

Offgrid Solar Hybrid

Off grid and remote applications often require unique or one off solutions. Optimal applies various system sizing and computer simulation techniques to achieve the best technical and financial outcomes.