April 3, 2014

120 kW Smart Grid Factory Energy Optimisation in Japan

OPS is pleased to deliver a new PV rooftop project in Japan for  Kawasaki – Rikuso Co Ltd (located near Tokyo). The factory is a logistics control point and warehouse for manufactured items.

The PV Inverter battery system provides a continuous split phase  power supply to the main office in the factory during the daylight hours. At night load is controlled back to the  utility grid supply at 8pm and restated on renewables at 9am the next day. Under local regulations grid feed of the PV energy is not permitted.

The system is structured on 120 kW of PV array with different roof orientations. The energy storage is 480 kWh and Inverter is 60 kW.  The load is estimated at 20 to 50 kW. The Tokyo Electricity Commission charges a fixed rate of approx. 18 yen (about US$0.18) per unit plus a ‘basic charge’ of 1000 yen/month based on the peak kW recorded over a 12 month period.

This project will provide valuable information for further scale up in the Japanese smart grid market.


Energy Optimisation in Japan

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