February 17, 2009

3 Megawatt Grid Connect Solar PV – Karnataka, India

India’s largest pilot project of solar PV grid-connect is now online and a huge success!

OPS India (Optimal Power Synergy India) is in the final stages of its 3 megawatt grid connect project in Karnataka, India. OPS India has supplied the 3 megawatt project with all power conversion equipment and system integration. Whilst two thirds of the project is now fully operation and online, the final commissioning is set to occur in the next week.

This project will supply 3MW during daytime (11am to 5pm) to the state grid which will enable greater power capacity to meet the irrigation power supply demand. This pilot project is expected to facilitate future planned projects in the areas of Shikaripur taluk in Shimoga district and in Itnal village in Chikodi talu of Belgaum district. The Karnataka government is planning to launch a solar technology programme to over 3900 villages, estimated to meet the energy needs of 5.0 million people.

India will soon launch an ambitious plan to boost its solar power generation from 3 MW to 20,000 MW by 2022. The policy framework, known in official circles as “the National Solar Mission,” will address the high cost of manufacturing solar panels as well as the currently high price of solar power (in comparison to conventional coal power stations).

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