United Arab Emirates Rooftop Solar and Storage

TYPE: Large Solar Rooftop System with Energy Storage

LOCATION: United Arab Emirates

CLIENT: Private Client

Rooftop Solar with Lithium-Ion Phosphate Storage, Parallel Inverters, and Remote Monitoring

Solar: 305 kWp Mono c-Si

Storage: 614 kWh, 414.4 VDC Lithium-Ion Phosphate

Inverters: 2 x 200kVA (400kVA total)

Genset: 2 x 500 kVA Diesel Backup

The client’s industrial facility had no access to grid power and relied on a diesel generator system. This incurred high operating costs for fuel and maintenance.


This offgrid microgrid project combined solar with energy storage to provide cost-effective 24 hour power. OPS engineers developed a novel control system to ensure the lithium-ion phosphate battery was maintained at optimum performance, ensuring project objectives and optimal financial outcomes were met.