Kelang Island Solar Hybrid

TYPE: Remote Solar Hybrid System (SHS)

LOCATION: Indonesia

CLIENT: PT WestIndo; PLN Utility, Indonesia

Remote Solar Hybrid System installed on Island in Indonesia

Solar: 100 kWp

Inverter: 2 x 75kVA Hybrid Inverters

Storage: 1000Ah 240VDC


This project is one of a number of systems developed by Optimal Power Solutions under the Indonesian Government’s 1000 Islands programme. It was installed on the relatively large island of Palau Kelang and provides power to approximately 400 families residing in the village of Kampung Tahalupu. 


It was installed and commissioned in a batch of OPS projects, with other systems including Palau Panjang, Palau Balang Lompo, Palau Tanakeke.