February 9, 2009

Kidang Village in Lombok, Indonesia welcomes Clean Green and Quiet Renewable

OPS began work in 2008 for the design supply and installation of renewable technology including a PV array, battery and inverter system in Lombok, Indonesia. The system was commissioned by Lombok’s local government with the initiative to supply Renewable Energy to the inhabitants living in the remote Kidang Village. The supply of Solar PV power services a village population of roughly 1000 people living in a spread out arrangement. The system has no diesel or grid, enabling 100% clean green and quiet energy to service the inhabitants.

OPS has just completed the project as of March 2009. Please click on the images below for better resolution.

Photovoltaic Array for Kidang Village, Lombok Indonesia Lombok Indonesia - Village
Inverter for Kidang Village, Lombok, Indonesia Battery Bank for Kidang Village, Lombok, Indonesia