February 12, 2008

Low Energy Solar Computer Package

Optimal Power Solutions (OPS) announced today the delivery of its new low energy solar computer package. The client will install the system as part of a remote internet kiosk in West Bengal India. The system will provide local users with internet based information on crop prices, commodities and general internet access.

The system uses two desktops with a printer along with two low energy ceiling lamps and one desk fan. The computers draw about 65 watts which is 2 to 3 times lower in energy use than standard desktops. The solar panels, rated at 600 watts, charge a 24 Volt battery and provide some local AC power through a small inverter, developed by OPS.

OPS also offers a solar powered thin client system with additional lower energy performance. This product and operating details are available on request, via either the Online Enquiry Form or through one of our Company Offices.

Solar Computer Kiosk 1

Solar Computer Kiosk 2