Morotai Island Minigrid System

TYPE: Remote Island Solar Hybrid Minigrid

LOCATION: Indonesia

CLIENT: PLN Utility Persero

Distributed Solar Minigrid System with AC-tied and DC-tied Solar

Solar: 600 kWp

Inverters: 1350 kVA (Total)

Storage: 2.7 Mwh

Backup: 1.7 MW total (7 x Diesel Gensets)


This remote island minigrid system is installed at Palau Morotai in North Maluku, Indonesia. It is owned by Indonesia’s state utility PT PLN and is currently the largest offgrid solar hybrid plant in Indonesia.


Incorporating both AC-tied and DC-tied solar, the minigrid is controlled by Optimal Power Solutions’ proprietary Macro Hybrid System control technology. The power conversion and integration controls enable very high solar penetration into the existing diesel generator-based power grid. 


A PLN Utility press release stated that the solar minigrid with reduce the island’s fuel consumption by 800 litres per day (almost 300,000 litres per annum) and save the government approximately 2.5 billion rupiah a year.