February 13, 2012

New Island system commissioned at Kampung Tahalupu, Indonesia

OPS and OPS Indonesia have recently helped PLN Indonesia, the largest Indonesian power utility, commission several projects in Pulau Panjang, Pulau Balang Lompo, Pulau Tankake and Pulau Kelang in Indonesia.

One of the projects commissioned was Pulau Kelang, a relatively large island with a number of villages scattered along the coastal areas. The OPS system installed enables a power supply to the village of Kampung Tahalupu through 100kWp PV array, a 240V, 1000 Ah battery bank and two 75kW HPC inverters. The system provides 100% renewable energy to the 400 families that reside in Kampung Tahalupu.

Pulau Kelang Project

OPS Project Manager Andrew Mitchell notes that “being free of moving parts and 100% automated means that operations and maintenance is kept to a minimum and any faults that do occur are immediately reported via the integrated SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). The local operators are trained in basic trouble shooting of the systems and anything they cannot overcome themselves is dealt with by OPS service teams across South East Asia. This project was one of the first round installations that come under the 1000 islands scheme and its success will surely pave the way for many more to follow.”

The 1000 islands scheme involves PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) targeting the 1000 islands in Indonesia to powered by solar energy by 2014. According to President Director of PLN Dahlan Iskan, they plan to develop these solar plants within 24 months with the first year targeting as many as 100 islands.