Niue Island

Niue Island Project, Pacific

TYPE: Energy Storage System (ESS) with Solar


CLIENT: Mitsubishi Electric Corp

Advanced Lithium Polymer Storage System to Support Remote Industry

Storage: 300 kWh Lithium-Ion Titanate 


Niue is a raised attol in the South Pacific showcasing one of the world’s largest coral islands. 

This power system provides energy to the administrative sector of Niue as well as a local mine site that utilises a heavy duty rock crusher. Daily load ranges from 400kW to 600kW. 

The solar PV plant reduces diesel fuel consumption on the island. It suffers from control instability due to the rock crusher load dynamics and PV variations due to cloud events.

In conjunction with Mitsubishi and Toshiba, Optimal Power Solutions provided a power electronics and control system to integrate Lithium-Ion Titanate batteries. The advanced energy storage system provides transient power at 2C to 3C in order to absorb fluctuations due to clouds and rock crusher loads.