September 21, 2016

Optimal Power Solutions in collaboration with University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) for 10 MW Distributed Solar System

Optimal Power Solutions with Applied Energy Solutions Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) for the development of a 10 megawatt solar farm at UTM’s Johor Bahru campus.

The project will involve engineering, procurement and construction across various iconic structures at the campus. This is a pilot project and the first solar farm of it’s kind at a University campus in Malaysia. The main objectives are to encourage utilisation of efficient, sustainable and renewable energy technology for commercial, educational and research purposes as well as being an innovative means for UTM’s income generation by way of power production.

This project is part of of the Large Scale Solar (LSS) programme of the Energy Commission (EC) Malaysia which allocates funding for 42 Megawatt, with the first phase of UTM’s solar project qualifying for 10 MW. The solar power is expected to provide for 1,500 homes.

The roll out of solar PV at the campus will include innovative shaded parking areas. The collaborative nature of the project is expected to enhance skills and technology of the university acting as a catalyst for sustainable r&d into solar energy systems for Malaysia. The project will commence in early 2017.