February 28, 2010

OPS brings solar hybrid power supply for remote communities in Sabah

Optimal Power Solutions has been contracted for the supply of power conditioning units and system integration for three sites in the Kinabatangan District of Sabah, Malaysia.

Each site compromises a solar hybrid power system that is designed for the supply of electricity to three villages of KG Batu Darat/ Laut, Kg Kuamut and KG Kuamut Seberang. The total combined solar capacity of 430kW across the three villages is expected to reduce fuel consumption by a minimum of 50 per cent. Optimal Power Solutions will provide three proprietary inverters of a combined 710kW capacity. The inverters include 2 x 250kVA Hybrid Power Conditioner, 2 x 30kVA Hybrid Power Conditioner and 4 x 100kVA Grid Export Conditioner, (further HPC & GEC information is available on our products webpage or downloads section).

The sites are very remote and can only be accessed at times via river barges. The Kinabatangan floodplain is located on the east coast of Sabah, Borneo, it is considered of enormous environmental importance for wildlife and the local community as it is arguably the last forested, alluvial floodplain in Asia. Due to the remote location and delivery routes, the cost of landed diesel is high, averaging RM$8 to RM$9 per litre in recent years. It is estimated that the systems discounted payback period for the larger villages will be less than 10 years with scope for a shorter payback period should fuel prices escalate further.

Solar hybrid systems are a particularly viable option for remote area power supply. Optimal Power Solutions is pleased to offer a complete range of proprietary inverters with full service system integration and project development inclusive of remote system monitoring software packages.

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The above map is courtesy of Google Maps 2010.