February 17, 2011

Bunaken Island, Indonesia gains 24 hour power

On February 07th 2011, Optimal Power Solutions engineers commissioned a new 360 kWp solar hybrid system at remote grid network located on Bunaken Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

OPS supplied the power conversion and system integration technology, including a Hybrid Power Conditioner of 200 kVA rating, 2 x units of 180 kW Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT). OPS also supplied the power plant integration equipment including the AC Switching cabinet to accommodate the existing 2 x diesel engine generators rated at approximately 300 kVA each.

In the words of OPS engineer Zeke Paolinelli: “The first obstacle of this project was considering the status of the gensets. Due to old age and lack of remote control, the upgrade and design from OPS had to enable semi-manual genset operation. Many conditions have to be taken into account when manual operation of the genset is required by the operators. Because the OPS system is designed to work with little intervention from operators, instructions on how to operate the gensets under different situations was given through on-site training. More analysis with site data in the coming weeks will also enable OPS to improve the genset running hours as well as monitor the system under semi-manual mode and instruct the operators if required.”

The principal client for the Bunaken Job is the National Indonesian utility PLN, and the system was inaugurated by the Governor of North Sulawesi. OPS worked closely with a leading solar & building construction company in Indonesia market and looks forward to future collaborative projects.

Director of PT PLN Persero Mr Vickner Sinaga announced  that the new solar system at Bunaken is the first island in Indonesia to receive 24 hour power from an integrated solar hybrid system. The hybrid system is expected to displace diesel fuel with major positive effects for PLN, the consumers and the delicate island eco-system. The system is expected to meet the energy demands of the 680 Bunaken citizens and will provide for peak demands of 160 kW. Mr Sinaga also projected that the renewable component of this system will displace 260 kilolitres of diesel fuel per year at a saving of Indonesian Rupee 1.8 billion.

“The system was delivered with the presence of the Governor and other important people from Indonesian Government and PLN Utility. A large celebration followed as this was a very important occasion. Previously, the islands power demands were met at selected times, from diesel gensets only. Now, the gensets run one at a time, during 5 pm to 11 pm. The rest of the time, the batteries and solar PV provide power to the village. People from the village were extremely happy to finally have 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply, and also to have the diesel genset running for only a few hours a day instead of all day long,” (Zeke. P).

More Bunaken image available here: Project Photos at the OPS Flickr website here.

Bunaken HPC-200 kVA Solar Pyranometer
Bunaken Solar Array Bunaken Island