March 10, 2016

OPS delivers advanced Solar Hybrid System to Island Resort in Mozambique


Optimal Power Synergy (OPS India), along with Optimal Power Solutions (OPS),  are pleased to announce the commissioning of its latest solar hybrid power project.

Located at a picturesque island resort in Mozambique, the power plant is designed to enhance the resort experience and protect the stunning local environment by significantly reducing air and noise pollution associated with existing diesel generators.  OPS delivered a power electronics and control solution able to achieve 24 hour renewable power, through very high solar penetration and renewable energy contributions into the existing diesel grid.

The hybrid plant features 275 kWp of solar PV and 720 kWh of energy storage, dispatched and optimised by Optimal Power’s power electronics solutions including Parallel-PIM inverters, high-power MPPT chargers, and the Prescient U10 micro-grid controller platform. System functionality includes fully automatic operation, high penetration solar,  dispatch optimisation, and seamless switchover between sources. Remote support services continually monitor and optimise the power plant over the internet.


Download a case study for the Mozambique SHS below. For additional information, please contact Optimal Power Solutions.

Project Flyer – Mozambique SHS


DSC02486 DSC02011


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