February 4, 2012

OPS featured in MIT’s Technology Review

OPS has made the headlines again, this time being featured by the highly regarded Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in their publication Technology Review.  Aiming to identify emerging technologies and their impact, Technology Review is the world’s oldest technology magazine with a readership surpassing 2 million.

In a June 2012 article discussing the opportunities and economics for solar power solutions in areas where utility grid connections are not feasible, Technology Review features Optimal Power Solutions off-grid projects in Malaysia including the system at Palau Perhentian.


A 430-kilowatt array of solar panels installed by Optimal Power Systems in eastern Malaysia

Featured in the article, OPS Group Director Stephen Phillips noted that “many governments are starting to find that it is cheaper to install solar panels and batteries than it is to connect villages to conventional power plants or install diesel generators. In some areas, diesel power can cost two to three times as much in the city because of transportation costs and problems with theft. This means that batteries that cost 55 cents per kilowatt-hour of storage capacity can still undercut diesel power by 60 cents”. 

Mr Phillips also predicts that new technologies could lower the cost of batteries by more than half, making it possible to introduce larger battery systems that further reduce the use of diesel.

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