February 28, 2011

OPS India achieves 10 MW milestone.

OPS India has achieved a new milestone with over 10 MW of power conditioning units (solar power inverters) supplied to the Indian energy market.

As of January 2011, OPS India has delivered over 10 MW of power conditioning units for various renewable energy projects. OPS India supplied the PCUs for the first 1-megawatt grid-connect project installed in India in West Bengal as well as the first 3-megawatt solar project installed in Karnataka. The 3-megawatt project has now exported over 4 million units of green power to the local grid.

Established in 2007, OPS India is an associated company of Optimal Power Solutions Pty. Ltd. Australia. As one of the leading technology providers in the Indian market, OPS India is committed to providing our valued clients with state-of-the-art renewable energy products. The company’s success to date has been underpinned by our cost-effective and reliable products that offer attractive return opportunities for our stakeholders.

OPS India is currently planning to expand its operations to allow for greater uptake of our products. Currently, OPS India is working on advanced designs for our digital signal processor (DSP) range of products as well as launching transformer-less solar power inverters in 2011.

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