February 17, 2012

OPS Macro Hybrid technology in largest Indonesian solar system

OPS is pleased to announce completion of site commissioning at Morotai Island in North Maluku, Indonesia. The project employs proprietary OPS Macro Hybrid technology which provides power conversion to the largest solar system in operation in Indonesia. The solar system is owned and operated by state electricity company PT PLN Persero.

OPS Macro Hybrid technology includes the necessary power conversion and integration controls to enable high solar PV penetration onto the existing diesel generators. The Macro technology automates the multiple power sources to achieve best overall system efficiency as well as to provide continuous, high-quality power supply to the remote island community.

The renewable energy upgrade includes a 600kWp solar PV array and 2.7MWh energy storage facility. OPS supplied a total of 1.35MW of power-conditioning equipment as well as custom engineered Station Control and Genset Interface Modules. OPS also developed specialised SCADA remote monitoring and control software for the Morotai system.

A spokesperson from PT PLN said in a press statement that the Morotai System will reduce fuel consumption by 800 litres per day and save approximately Indonesian Rupee 2.5 billion per year. OPS is pleased with the success of the Morotai system and is expecting high system performance from the Macro Hybrid power technology.

Morotai photos available at our Morotai Flickr site

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Morotai Macro Hybrid System