February 20, 2011

OPS Malaysia at IGEM 2011

OPS Malaysia was pleased to exhibit its product and service offerings at IGEM 2011, the regions largest green energy exhibition held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

With Malaysia soon to commence a feed in tariff scheme for green energy, great interest was shown in the OPS Group’s recent work in multi-megawatt solar farms. As part of the OPS Malaysia exhibit, OPS PVNet software was used to show real-time system monitoring of the 3MW solar farm at Karnataka, India, which utilises OPS 250kVA power inverters and SCADA solutions.

A live Macro Hybrid System rig was installed, allowing OPS Project Manager Ritesh Lutchman and his team to exhibit OPS’s innovative control system for managing high solar penetration on islander diesel grids. The Macro Hybrid System has been successfully implemented at a number of sites including 430 kW of solar at Kinabatangan, Malaysia; 360 kW of solar at Bunaken, Indonesia, and the upcoming Morotai Island system integrating 600 kWp of solar into a 1.35MW diesel grid.

OPS Malaysia was pleased to welcome Dato’ Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui, Malaysian Minister of Energy and Green Technology, to the OPS booth. Minister Chin discussed developments in off grid green power technologies with OPS Malaysia directors Jeyaram Subramaniam, Dasya¬†Sariah Binti Daud, and OPS Group director Stephen Phillips.

To view more images of this project, please click on one of the images below or visit the IGEM Malaysia page at our Flickr website here.

IGEM Malaysia 2011 Island Solar System IGEM Malaysia 2011