February 9, 2013

OPS provides system engineering for Minigrid with Lithium Titanate Storage System

Optimal Power Solutions (OPS) is pleased to announce that it is in cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd for the provision of an advanced power quality and system stability plant. The system is to be installed at Niue and will be part of nearly 400kW of solar PV operating on a diesel power station.

OPS will provide a 200kW advanced power conditioner with controls to operate with the Lithium Titanate battery from Toshiba, Japan. The system will manage short term grid fluctuations as well as contributing to a higher penetration of renewables into the island grid supply. The system will include control of other grid connected PV inverters on the island to ensure the operation of the total system is not compromised.

The system is under development and testing and will be installed in the next three months. All enquiries to