February 22, 2009

OPS Signs Agreement for 3MW Grid Connect System

3 megawatt solar PV system to be fully online by late 2009.

Optimal Power Synergy India Pty Ptd has signed an agreement to provide all power conversion and integration work for a 3 MW grid connect Solar PV project to be installed in Karnataka, India.

Karnataka has severe power supply issues due to a reliance on hydroelectric power generation coupled with lower monsoonal rainfall over the last few years. Hydroelectric generation capacity has diminished due to low dam levels. In response the Indian Government is interested in megawatt-sized PV systems at various locations in the countryside to improve power supply to villages and rural areas.

The 3MW Karnataka project is now under construction and the first megawatt will be online by late September 2009. The remaining PV power supply will be completed by November 2009.