February 25, 2013

Optimal continues evaluation of Sodium Ion and Li Ion Systems

Optimal Power Solutions is continuing its ongoing testing program of new advanced energy storage systems. We have taken delivery of the next generation Na Ion from Aquion Inc, USA and characterising this battery under the OPS operating regimes.

Sodium Ion Battery

The Na Ion electrolyte is water-based and uses a chemical mix consisting of abundantly-found materials such as sodium and manganese . Aquion is commercialising this technology on the basis of the following benefits:

• High DoD and long cycle life – greater than 4000 cycles at 90% DoD.
• High Ambient temperature operation – up to 50ºC without loss of capacity.
• No detrimental effects in PSoC operation mode.
• High Energy efficiency – 70% – 90% round trip efficiency.
• Low cost – expected to be very competitive in mass production.
• Safe – non-toxic materials are used and the battery is 100% recyclable.

The work is ongoing in conjunction with tests on various Li Ion technologies and advanced lead acid batteries.