February 8, 2013

Optimal Power provides Micro Grid System Technology to Nukutepipi Atoll

Two new hotel projects on Bora Bora (Leeward Islands) and on the atoll of Nukutepipi in the Tuamotu archipelago have received French Polynesia’s approval. Optimal Power has been chosen by Sunzil Groupes Total and EDF, the principal contractor, to provide key renewable energy systems components for the project.

“The investor is a French-Canadian businessman who has created in 20 years a company specialized in culture and entertainment with a staff of more than 3,000 working in several countries”, the Council of ministers press release states. “This company would like to extend its activities and has chosen French Polynesia to launch these original hotel projects”.



The site of Nukutepipi is close to the atoll of Anuanuraro. The Investor has acquired  the necessary land and relates to a total amount of 600 xpf million. The key focus is the construction of a unique holiday resort making it possible to accomodate from 25 to 40 people.  The development of this project rests on an ecological approach, cultural and ludic and being a first in a crenel of top-of-the-range hotel trade.

Optimal Power Solutions is supplying 250 kW of power conversion and control equipment to enable stage of the project to proceed. The system will be installed and commissioned within 2013.