February 22, 2008

Optimal Power Recent News Summary: July – October 2008

10th October 2008

OPS is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract worth about $2.6 million USD for delivery, installation and commissioning of a 260kW solar photovoltaic system for the Kalabakan project in Sabah, Malaysia. OPS will design and provide the heavy electrical power switching system rated at 3 MW for the station plus four power conditioning units units rated at 250 kW, 180 kW and 2 units at 60 kW. 

Siteworks is proceeding in November with installation and system commissioning beginning in December 2008. OPS will provide its proprietary equipment for remote SCADA and system operation. The project is part of Malaysian Government funding and adminstered by a public / private sector JV arrangement.

21st September 2008

A new contract has been received by OPS for the supply of a 300 kW power conditioning system to be installed in Nevada. The project is a new installation with a large 400 KW solar array that will utilize a large scale OPS Maximum Power Point tracker (MPPT) specially designed and supplied by OPS. This system is being shipped in December with an expected installation date of early February 2009.

16th August 2008

OPS has successfully delivered 200 kW of solar photovoltaic system to the Malaysian Utility TNB contractors as part of a remote electric project in east Malaysia. This project was initiated in 2007 and is due to be completed in 2009. The single crystal high performance modules were provided as part of OPS’s arrangements with Sharp Corporation of Japan.