August 21, 2015

Optimal Power Solutions recognised as Market Leader in the field of renewable energy, power control technology and integration of micro grids.

Results were published in August 2015 by Navigant Research, one of the key research programs with a focus on new technology and business models that are driving innovation in the clean energy sector and shaping the future of electrical grid networks.

Navigant considers OPS as one of the top three companies in the micro grid space, with our success underlined by a robust project portfolio, highly functional micro-grid controllers and our approach to optimisation of micro grids.

In the past twelve months, OPS have been busy developing a new range of high-capacity, parallel Power Inverter Modules, namely the OPS PRISM system, which provides even greater power stability for critical mission projects. These products have been deployed in various projects including energy-intensive, commercial facilities in Japan, now operating as “smart factories” and maritime defense operations at remote coastlines. We are currently undertaking system upgrades for pre-existing OPS systems to the new parallel power platform, enabling greater optimisation of renewable sources with advanced control features, resulting in reduced operational costs for our valued clients.

OPS is also continuing with R&D for the control and integration of newly-commercialised or prototype advanced battery technologies through collaboration with our technical partners and universities. This R&D allows OPS to develop state-of-the-art power control technology and products, in line with the latest energy storage device specifications, as well as develop control algorithms and strategies that enable the highest penetration of solar PV whilst optimising the total system. High penetration solar PV micro grids provide the greatest contribution of renewable energy sources and enable zero or very low diesel-fuel operation, resulting in best case levelised cost of electricity generation.

For more information on this new exciting report, visit Business Wire or click on the image below to go to the Navigant Research site.

Image Source – Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Microgrid Controls, Aug 2015

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