OYC Island Minigrid

TYPE: Island Solar Hybrid Minigrid


CLIENT: Private Client

Remote Island Grid with Wind, Solar, Energy Storage and Diesel Backup

Solar: 410 kWp

Storage: 4.15 Mwh / 14400 Ah VRLA

Wind: 3 x 100 kW

Backup: 3 x 100 kVA Diesel Genset


In April 2010 Optimal Power Solutions (OPS) commissioned a renewable energy-based Mini Grid in the Bahamas that combined photovoltaic, wind, diesel sources and energy storage facilities under the control of OPS Hybrid Power

Conditioner (HPC) central inverters. OPS HPC inverters are sophisticated bi-directional power conditioners featuring advanced fast control algorithms that accommodate a range of power sources and storage technologies. The HPC ensures high quality power output under varied or cloudy conditions and supports high levels of solar penetration, including zero diesel fuel consumption power systems. 


OPS has a proven track record of successful off-grid projects around the world ranging from 10kW to 1MW of installed PV.


OPS product manager Ezequiel Paolinelli describes, “After the installation of the third 100kW Wind Turbine in 2011, the system is able to support the load during the day and night without the need of diesel generators. The massive 4.15 MWh battery bank gets charged with excess power from wind turbines and solar panels and provides support during times where these sources are not enough to support the site load.


“The SCADA installed at site allows the operator to have full control over the whole station and offers remote monitoring from anywhere in the world. The Over Yonder Cay system guarantees an uninterrupted supply of electricity, drawn from renewable energy sources.”