Large Solar

Miyazaki ESS

Solar PV and Energy Storage System, Japan, Optimal Power Solutions

Miyazaki Energy Storage System TYPE: Solar with Energy Storage System – Solar ESS LOCATION: Japan CLIENT: Private Client Grid Connected Advanced Energy Storage with Solar PV Solar: 1.3 MWp DC Storage: 2.4 MWh   The Miyazaki system is a utility connected PV and energy storage system designed to perform load […]

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Ajman Rooftop Solar

United Arab Emirates Rooftop Solar and Storage TYPE: Large Solar Rooftop System with Energy Storage LOCATION: United Arab Emirates CLIENT: Private Client Rooftop Solar with Lithium-Ion Phosphate Storage, Parallel Inverters, and Remote Monitoring Solar: 305 kWp Mono c-Si Storage: 614 kWh, 414.4 VDC Lithium-Ion Phosphate Inverters: 2 x 200kVA (400kVA […]

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Morotai Minigrid

Morotai Island Minigrid System TYPE: Remote Island Solar Hybrid Minigrid LOCATION: Indonesia CLIENT: PLN Utility Persero Distributed Solar Minigrid System with AC-tied and DC-tied Solar Solar: 600 kWp Inverters: 1350 kVA (Total) Storage: 2.7 Mwh Backup: 1.7 MW total (7 x Diesel Gensets)   This remote island minigrid system is […]

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India Bulls MW Farm

Renewable Energy Technologies

India Bulls MW Farm TYPE: Large Scale Solar (LSS) LOCATION: India CLIENT: BHEL Large Scale Solar Farm, India Solar: 6 MWp, 24 250kW OPS GEC Inverters The site is a 6 MW grid connected system workig into the Karnataka grid.The system is split into 1 MW section and each section […]

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Mandya MW Farm

Mandya Solar PV Farm TYPE: Large Scale Solar (LSS) LOCATION: India CLIENT: BHEL Five Megawatt Large Scale Solar with Remote Monitoring This project supplies power during daytime (11am to 5pm) to the state grid which enables greater power capacity to meet the irrigation power supply demand.   This pilot project […]

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