Mersing Hybrid Systems

Mersing Solar Hybrid Systems TYPE: Remote Solar Hybrid Systems (SHS) LOCATION: Malaysia CLIENT: TNB-ES Utility, Malaysia Remote Solar Hybrid with Parallel Inverters and Remote Monitoring The Mersing Systems consist of 8 Mini Grid systems that incorporate solar PV, battery, PV and dual diesel units. Diesel fuel is delivered by ocaen […]

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Keltron Rooftop Solar

Keltron Rooftops TYPE: Rooftop Microgrid Systems LOCATION: India CLIENT: Keltron Rooftop Solar Microgrid with Battery Backup Most Indian cities are densely populated and rooftop areas are very constrained. This is a rooftop with battery backup to allow for occasions when the grid fails.   This system has a 50kW hybrid […]

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Coast Guard Microgrid

India Coast Guard Island Microgrids TYPE: Remote Solar Hybrid Microgrid LOCATION: Andaman Islands, India CLIENT: BEL, Agni Power Remote Microgrids with Parallel Inverters for Redundancy Solar: 8 x 40kWp (320 kWp Total) Inverters: 8 x 20 kVA, parallel for redundancy Storage: 575 kWh, 240 VDC   These Micro Grid power […]

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