Perhentian Minigrid

Perhentian Island Solar Hybrid Minigrid TYPE: Island Minigrid System with Solar, Wind, Storage LOCATION: Perhentian Island, Malaysia CLIENT: TNB-ES Utility Island Solar Hybrid Integrating Solar, Wind, Energy Storage and Diesel Solar: 80 kWp Wind: 200 kW Storage: 480 kWh Best known as a tourist fishing village with popular coral snorkelling, […]

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Bock Cay Minigrid

Bock Cay Island Minigrid, Bahamas TYPE: Remote Solar Hybrid Island Minigrid LOCATION: Bahamas CLIENT: Private Client (USA) Remote Island Minigrid for Private Client in the Bahamas Bock Cay is a privately owned Caribbean Island with a high penetration solar/wind/diesel system installed. The owner’s wish is to minimize and eliminate all […]

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Morotai Minigrid

Morotai Island Minigrid System TYPE: Remote Island Solar Hybrid Minigrid LOCATION: Indonesia CLIENT: PLN Utility Persero Distributed Solar Minigrid System with AC-tied and DC-tied Solar Solar: 600 kWp Inverters: 1350 kVA (Total) Storage: 2.7 Mwh Backup: 1.7 MW total (7 x Diesel Gensets)   This remote island minigrid system is […]

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OYC Minigrid

OYC Island Minigrid TYPE: Island Solar Hybrid Minigrid LOCATION: Bahamas CLIENT: Private Client Remote Island Grid with Wind, Solar, Energy Storage and Diesel Backup Solar: 410 kWp Storage: 4.15 Mwh / 14400 Ah VRLA Wind: 3 x 100 kW Backup: 3 x 100 kVA Diesel Genset   In April 2010 Optimal […]

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