Optimal Power Solutions Recognises That Design And Successful Project Implementation Goes Hand In Hand With Appropriate Choice Of System Components.

Control and Optimization

Innovative System Control and Performance Optimization

Optimal Power Solutions has developed a range of control systems suited to both component and systems level. Dual redundant management systems deliver system optimization and power quality control. Our Station Control systems (MCM) also manage the scheduling of available generation options including renewables, grid supply, and energy storage sub sections.

Recognized as a global leader in Microgrid control and system optimization

In-house bespoke control system software and hardware platforms

Hundreds of Control System Installations In Challenging Environments Across the World

Engineering Expertise in the Design, Configuration and Management of Microgrid Control


Power Conversion

Bi Directional Power Conversion Options for Mini and Micro Grid Applications. Hybrid, AC and DC PV Coupling, and ESS Management.

Many trade offs apply when considering power plant system configuration. DC coupled PV is more efficient and requires less components. The use of AC Coupling is a suitable solution in low penetration renewable energy systems.

Our Background in Power Conversion Technologies

In-house Development of bidirectional converters and DC-DC options for ESS systems

Long term Commercial Relationships with Trusted Power Equipment Vendors

Pioneer in the development of Advanced Power Electronics for DC and AC coupled applications.

Engineering Expertise in the Design of Innovative Power Electronic converters


Energy Storage

Design choices based on emerging storage technology options.

The latest developments in battery technologies offer new options in energy and power system configurations. Optimal has developed significant expertise in the design, delivery and operation of new ESS systems for utility and industrial solutions.

Our Background in Energy Storage

Battery evaluation tests in Collaboration with a Major Australian University

Ongoing relationships with new battery R&D Companies, Institutes, and Organizations globally

Extensive Experience Delivering ESS Solutions into Global Applications

Partnerships in the commercialization of ESS as well as the protection and control of battery systems.