February 8, 2009

Upcoming Bahamas Island Renewable Power System

Optimal Power Solutions has been chosen as key supplier of a new renewable energy technology system in Exuma, Bahamas. The site is a privately owned resort island of roughly 74 acres, in the picturesque Pipe Creek area of the Bahamas.

OPS are providing a highly advanced power station control and optimized energy delivery system. The system’s technical components include two OPS proprietary technology 300k Hybrid Power Conditioner Inverters with two dual channel 120kW MPPT chargers (Maximum Power Point Tracking).

One of the main benefits of the MPPT charge controllers is that they maximize the power from the PV array regardless of the battery or DC link voltage. MMPT systems are less commonly specified in such large systems, however investment in these systems is very sensible given the avoided investment in additional solar.

The system also includes a total of 240kWp of Photovoltaic Arrays, a whopping 360v battery bank rated with over 4MWh storage, three 312kVA gensets and eight 15kW wind turbines. This system has a total capacity of about 1.5 MW. The total system will be used to supply a community with a resort and several houses.

Bahamas Island Project 2009

Bahamas Island Project 2009

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