February 3, 2009

Update: Kalabakan 260kW Solar PV in Sabah, Malaysia

After being awarded this project in Nov 2008 OPS is pleased to announce the site implementation is continuing to move forward rapidly.

Funded by Malaysia’s Ministry for Rural Development, the project is a joint venture between clients TNB-ES (Malaysia’s National Utility Board Energy Services) and other private interests.

OPS (Malaysia) has been carrying out the site work since NOVEMBER 2008. Whilst the 260kW solar array is complete, the main diesel station is still under construction. This project is due for completion in MAY 2009.

For more information on OPS projects check out our Global Projects page.

Solar Frame Construction PV Frame Footing
Solar Photovoltaic Installation Solar Photovoltaics

Solar Power and Rural Electrification in Malaysia

Malaysia’s National Electricity Board (TNB) initiated the use of PV systems for rural electrification in the early 1980s. Since the late 1990s the Ministry of Rural Development has undertaken the provision of photovoltaic systems for rural electrification. The Malaysian Government’s Rural Electricity Program aims to provide electricity to houses in traditional villages throughout the country.

Remote areas unable to gain connection to the grid may be eligible to receive electricity through alternative methods such as solar energy, generator sets, wind AND solar hybrid.